Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dog Walks in the Snow

It snowed the other day and I have not been in that environment much being a Florida girl.  So I was feeling froggy and took Kate for a walk in the snowflakes and I saw this....

ok...well I didn't-but it would have been cool.


Sketches for a Potential Job

Sometimes it's a good idea to VIP a potential client...and then if possible I will do some sketches of their subject matter.  I met a great person while working my shift at Starbucks who is involved in the Chamber of Commerce in my area of Virginia.  They are involved in the Civil War reenactments and he was kind enough to suggest I work up some samples on the subject in an attempt to place myself in consideration for the event's advertising.  So here they are...I am crossing my fingers but who knows :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

Sometimes people stay in relationships that are no longer working...not a great idea

Breast Cancer Pink

This past month was breast cancer month and I started thinking about how it connects so many people.  It seems everyone has been affected so I wanted to do a piece showing how it connects all of people, especially women, even if we are strangers.

Breast Cancer Sketch & Final

Kiss of Fall

So this is my first time seeing fall..and my favorite trees are the once just beginning to turn colors.

Kiss of Fall Sketch and Final

Local Farmer's Markets

I love eating local food from markets and I wanted to show all the great moments there.

Farmer's Market Sketch & Final

Calendar for Gallopade International

Gallopade Logos and Book Covers

 Cover for Carole Marsh's Time Out...out soon

 Cover for Carole Marsh's thriller Zipperman...out soon with final graphic design

wrap around cover for Carole Marsh's Dashboard..out soon with final graphic design

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And then there was a blog..

So my website holds a limited amount of my work and therefore I decided to enter the world of blogging.  So here I am.