Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unicorn Cards!

 I have my Etsy account up and a new project I have been working on that I'm pretty excited about.

Puppy Love

I recently finished a private commission of nine pet portraits.  The acrylic paintings were completed on 8x8 canvases and the background colors follow the color scheme of the client's living room.  

Inactive Site Doesn't Always Mean Inactivity..

I haven't been fantastic about posting things and there isn't any excuse but there has been a lot of work coming in which is always good.

Cds for Mercutio are in stores and the fantastic music is being performed all over and beginning to hit the radio.  Very exciting for the talented musicians who happen to be fantastic boys as well!  My artwork was used for the cds and website

 I would recommend giving them a listen..

I also recently designed a tshirt for them coming out soon...